April, 2007. ActiveChinese Island in Second Life

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ActiveChinese in Second Life
Mandarin eLearning Site Plans to Build a Virtual Learning Environment in Second Life

San Francisco, April, 2007 - ActiveChinese ( www.activechinese.com ) today announced that they are planning to create a virtual Chinese Learning environment in the popular virtual world known as Second Life ?. "ActiveChinese Island" will contain a University Campus for Studying Chinese Language and Culture as well as a Virtual China City.

The 4.5 million Second Life residents will experience a fully interactive destination featuring a campus with a Shangri-La feel, with mountains and valleys all around.  The user can then practice their newly learned language skills or learn Chinese culture in activities such as going to a Chinese restaurant, attending Olympic Venues, going shopping ( bargaining ), getting a Chinese massage, going to a bar, taking a taxi, renting a house/apartment, getting their haircut, visiting a Chinese family, going to a hospital, going to a gym, buying a bicycle, going to a banquet, attending an interview, and much more.

The plans of ActiveChinese on Second Life seem like a natural extension. Active Chinese's website is already a virtual learning environment on its own.  It offers the latest in web resources to help students, business people, and corporations learn Chinese online and on-the-go.  The website contains such learning materials as Flash Animated Lessons and Live Tutoring as well as downloadable materials, such as mp3 listening exercises, mp4 video lessons, and PDF exercises.  Actually, many experiences that a resident can encounter in Second Life are based on the lessons that are found on the ActiveChinese website. However, the possibilities on Second Life for learning Chinese are endless. Also, with Second Life, ActiveChinese hopes to "expose their brand in an original, natural way."

Features and Experiences on ActiveChinese


Each place on ActiveChinese Island will offer the opportunity to interact with other residents, ActiveChinese teachers, and simulated persons ( such as a waiter ).

The user can learn and practice Chinese, as well as experience Chinese culture in the many different environment settings.  The island offers a variety of different atmospheres, from booming commercial Chinese cities to country-side temples.

Chinese Campus

A key destination in ActiveChinese Island is the University Campus, which will host Chinese Classes taught by actual ActiveChinese teachers directly from Shanghai, China.  Residents can visit this stunning outdoor Shangri-La-like classroom setting and learn Chinese.

On-demand video episodes of Active Chinese's Culture Shockers will also be hosted nearby this outdoor venue.  Other smaller screening facilities are scattered throughout the island.

Oympics Venues

Modeling the 2008 Olympic area in Beijing, users can fully interact with other users while attending all sorts of Olympic Venues.  Such a learning experience can prepare those who actually want to attend the 2008 Olympics.

China City

The China's World portion of the ActiveChinese Second Life presence provides the most realistic scenarios that occur in booming Chinese cities.  The Second Life Resident can interact with anything and everything in the city - eat at restaurants, drink and interact at bars, stay at hotels, take taxis, and sing karaoke.  Everything is simulated.

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