The Company
ActiveChinese is a cutting-edge educational software and online content provider of Mandarin Chinese learning programs for students grades K-16, as well as for corporations and individuals. ActiveChinese's interactive lessons use multimedia to engage students of all ages, and provides a comprehensive program which can be taught from CD-ROMs, mobile downloads, or through online access.

The company was founded in 2005 by Larry Chen and David Cheng, who originally met in Shanghai while studying English. Both have lived and worked outside China, and noted the growing interest around the world in learning Chinese, but also recognized the gap between existing programs and truly effective learning.

The company headquarters is located in San Francisco, with a satellite development office in Shanghai, China.

Methodology and Philosophy
We believe our curriculum is the most revolutionary way to teach and learn Chinese. We strive to bring the virtual classroom to life through our flash-animated lessons. Our lessons go above and beyond traditional language learning by combining practical real-life situations with useful cultural insights, helping you bridge the gap between Chinese culture and your own.

Our program offers the unique opportunity to study both online and offline by offering mobile material. When class is over, you're able to continue learning and practicing with our wide variety of multimedia exercises - mp3 listening exercises, mp3 lessons and cultural points, and mp4 lessons.

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