Website Link/Banner Affiliate Program

Place our link and/or logo on your website andearn money each time you refer a sale to ActiveChinese. We offer one of the highest % commissions in the industry, as well as bonuses and tiered commissions for higher volume affiliates.

Our affiliate program is managed by ClixGalore , a leader in the online affiliate business. ClixGalore provides trusted third-party tracking, on-line reporting, and monthly commission payments.
With our affiliate program you receive:
Free Sign Up - Our program is a FREE service for affiliates - you have zero risk
Third Party Monitoring - Ensures you get accurate payment
Real Time Tracking - Continuous, up to date reporting on your earnings
Quality Content - Earn commissions while providing relevant and quality content for your site
Free Support - If you have any questions or need assistance with links or our product feed, email us and we will respond ASAP.
When you sign up for our program, you will have access to links and banners, which can you place on your own website.
Sign up now or get more information including current commission rates and bonuses.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does ActiveChinese track orders?
All links from your site to ActiveChinese contain a unique identifier, so that every time a user comes to us via your site, we automatically credit you when a purchase is made.
What is the technology behind the tracking?
ActiveChinese uses ClixGalore's affiliate software. You will have access to an online, password protected reporting system. Links to our site includes a unique ID code (assigned at the time you register your site). Each time a link from your site to ActiveChinese is viewed, our software records the event. Each time a visitor clicks on the link, the unique ID code is sent as part of the link so that the visitor is identified as coming from your site. 
How can I keep track of my commissions? 
We provide 24-hour access to detailed reports that allow you to track sales and traffic activity. Login to your account at ClixGalore to view your reports.  These reports tell you how many users saw your links, clicked-through those links, how many orders were placed, how much your site has earned in commissions.
How much will I get paid? 
Earn 10% of the purchase price on every sale of ActiveChinese's products. In addition, there are a variety of incentives for affiliates who generate more business for ActiveChinese.
Many visitors to a site don't buy their first time they visit, so ActiveChinese keeps each referred visitor's information on record for 90 days. That means that if a visitor is referred from your site and buys something within 90 days of the original visit you will get paid.
Do I earn commissions for personal orders? 
Yes! Join the ActiveChinese Affiliate Program today, set up your links, and order for yourself through your links.  This is our bonus to you for joining the program.
Does it cost anything to join? 
There's no charge to participate.
Do I need to deal with customer service issues or with the customers themselves?
No. All you need to do is refer visitors to the ActiveChinese web site. ActiveChinese handles the actual transaction, shipment, and customer service.
How do I get started?
Sign up to become an affiliate now! It's quick, easy.  Start earning money in no time at all.

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