Having posted double digit growth figures for most of the past two decades, China is now the worlds' second largest economy. As a growing professional, you recognize the importance of being able to conduct business in China and as such have a commitment to bettering the way in which you do business, both in China and with your Chinese business partners. Equally, you recognize the added value foreign language ability brings to your resume. At ActiveChinese we realize that endeavoring to communicate in Mandarin is an important aspect of that commitment and will help guide you through this challenging yet extremely rewarding language with the following philosophy:

Making Learning Chinese Manageable

We at ActiveChinese endeavor to make Chinese manageable for you. We're confident that you'll find our lessons interactive, engaging and practical while our useful cultural insights will help you bridge the gap between Chinese culture and your own

Mobility at Your Fingertips

The global nature of business means that mobility in study is essential to you. With this in mind, our downloadable dialogues, exercises and mp3/4 files have been designed to allow you to take your studies with you whereever you might be. In addition, we have revolutionized language learning through our interactive tutoring feature. Not being confined to a set time and place for attending class, our tutors will work around your schedule and tailor make a study plan that suits your learning goals. At ActiveChinese, we truly give you mobility at your fingertips.

Achieving Tangible Results

You'll find ActiveChinese is a one-stop shop to achieve tangible results in language learning. With everything from day-to-day life to specific business related situations, you'll be able to handle them all in Chinese with our four part syllabus. Our recording feature will allow you to master the notoriously difficult nature of a tonal language and our tutors will guide you through each lesson, focusing on difficult areas and improving on the fundamentals.

We invite you to explore the ActiveChinese Professional Edition and look forward to welcoming you to the ActiveChinese community.

     Professional Edition
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