In today's globalized world, China plays an increasingly important role. Mandarin Chinese is already the internet's most commonly used language. Outside of China, organizations from government bodies, companies, and Non-Profit have in recent years began to pursue Mandarin language and culture training for their personnel.

At ActiveChinese, we are aware that as someone responsible for your organization's personnel development, you're looking for a program which will not only improve your employees' Mandarin, but also introduce them to the culture and customs of China. With a limited budget, you are also concerned about providing your employees with a program that leads to results while making the training cost-effective for your organization. Thus, eLearning seems like a sensible solution for you but you are concerned about the quality and pricing of available materials.

As the leading provider of Mandarin eLearning solutions, we're confident that we can meet and exceed your organization's training objectives while keeping costs reasonable. Here's how the program works:

Making Mandarin Manageable for Your Employees

We at ActiveChinese have designed our programs specifically to make Chinese manageable for working professionals. We're confident that your organization, like the United Nations Chinese program, will find our lessons interactive, engaging and practical while our useful cultural insights will help your employees bridge the cultural divide.

Providing a Mobile Curriculum

We know that your employees are often busy with meeting organizational goals and thus may have to fit study time in at different times and places. With this in mind, our lesson content, downloadable in mp3/4 format, has been designed to allow students to take their studies on the go. In addition, we have revolutionized language learning through our interactive tutoring feature. Not being confined to a set time and place for attending class, our tutors will work around your employees' schedule and tailor make a study plan that suits their learning goals. At ActiveChinese, we truly give your employees mobility at their fingertips.

Achieving Tangible Results

You'll find ActiveChinese is a one-stop shop to achieve tangible results in language learning. With everything from day-to-day life to specific business related situations, your employees will be able to handle them all in Chinese with our four part syllabus. Our recording feature will allow them to master the notoriously difficult nature of a tonal language and our tutors will guide them through each lesson, focusing on difficult areas and improving on the fundamentals.

For more information and a free demo, click on the links to the right. We look forward to welcoming your organization to the ActiveChinese community.
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