Every year, there are more than 6 million travelers coming to China. With the success of the Beijing Olympics and the upcoming World Expo in Shanghai, the numbers will only continue to rise. As a travel agent or director of a travel agency, you are interested in enhancing your travel packages to increase your business and grow your client base. You recognize that competition is fierce in this industry and are always looking for ways to differentiate your services from your competitors.

You understand that especially for China, language and cultural preparation for your customers is essential in ensuring customer satisfaction during their trip. The ActiveChinese Traveler Edition presents the unique opportunity to prepare your clientele for their immersion in a Chinese environment and create the trip of a lifetime that they will be talking about for years to come. For your agency, establishing a relationship with ActiveChinese will help you expand your business through the following:

Enhancing Your Offering

Being a member of the travel industry, it's important to constantly be looking for ways to enhance and diversify your travel packages. ActiveChinese Traveler Edition is an essential component to your client's pre-trip preparation as well as a carry-on language and culture aid during their travels. There are very few travel agencies that incorporate language and cultural preparation into their packages and offering an interactive language and cultural experience will set you apart from your competitors.

Increasing Revenue

ActiveChinese offers a revenue sharing program for all travel agencies that we work with. You will be able to obtain significant discounts based on the amount of Traveler Editions that you purchase and earn a comfortable margin when offering the product to your customers.

Launching Joint Marketing and PR Activities

We are interested in forming a deeper and long-lasting relationship with our travel agency partners. We also realize that supporting you in growing your business is a win-win situation. That is why we will embark on several joint-marketing and PR activities with you, including press releases, assistance with design of marketing materials, and imparting product knowledge to your staff. We are here to ensure that with offering the ActiveChinese program in your travel packages, the sky's the limit on what you can accomplish.

Check out a sneak peek of the Traveler Edition today to learn how to enhance your offering with an engaging and interactive language and culture program for travelers.

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