As one of the 5 official languages of the United Nations, the global importance of Mandarin Chinese is unquestionable. Recent years have seen an explosion in the numbers of institutions and individuals in the West becoming increasingly aware of this and as such are striving to introduce Mandarin as a foreign language into their schools, businesses and lives.

As someone who is beginning to set their sights on the working world, you realize the added value Mandarin language ability would add to your career prospects. At ActiveChinese, we share your enthusiasm in grasping a language which is as fascinating as it is valued by employers and we realize that with an already busy schedule, you would like to make the most of your time. That's why we differ ourselves from other language programs with our all-encompassing curriculum. With two options to choose from, the School Edition or the Professional Edition, we are here to ensure you have the Mandarin language skills necessary to further your career objectives.


The ActiveChinese School Edition has revolutionized language learning by taking you away from the traditional text book and audio tape and bringing Mandarin to you in an innovative and engaging format via our flash-animated curriculum and extensive resource library. You'll find ActiveChinese is a great way to achieve real results while working around your busy schedule as a student. Unlike most language programs where you have to rely on other materials, the School Edition is a one-stop shop for your language learning needs and thus defines efficiency.


Studying a foreign language on your own time means that you need to be able to study where and when you can. With this in mind, our lesson content downloadable in mp3/4 format brings you offline capabilities. In addition to not being confined to a set time and place for attending class, you'll have the freedom to practice during your daily routine.


Whether you would like to pursue a business or academic emphasis, ActiveChinese has the versatile curriculum to help you accomplish your language goals. With the Professional Edition, you may focus on vocabulary related to living and working in China as well as the most common business situations. With the School Edition, there is a heavier emphasis on character regocgnition and writing skills and the themes are more closely related to the lives of high school and university students.

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