Having a vast history and culture, China is a mysterious place waiting for you to explore. As a leisure traveler, before setting out on the trip of a lifetime, you are interested in learning some of the basics of Chinese so that you can more closely interact with the local people. You would like to understand some of their cultural practices and customs so as to more fully enjoy your vacation.

Alternatively, you are about to embark on a business-related trip to set up a relationship with a new supplier or form a strategic partnership with a Chinese company. You would like to impress your Chinese hosts, break the ice, and make sure your visit was a successful one but you don't have enough time to study the language intensively. Learning a few key phrases and some Chinese business customs will help you do just that.

Whatever your reasons for visiting China, be it to see the many and varied attractions such a huge nation has to offer or on a short business trip, you'll find the ActiveChinese Traveler edition useful, practical and culturally insightful.


You can transfer our digital lessons to your mobile MP3/4 device allowing you to study on the go. You'll also find that having a virtual tutor constantly by your side gives you more confidence to speak a foreign language in its native country.

Cultural Understanding

Make a lasting impression with your cultural savvy. With our Culture Shocker series, you'll never put a foot wrong in social situations, from basic greetings and restaurant etiquette to general daily habits. Unlike other programs which overly stress inapplicable language skills, the Traveler Edition creatively combines visually appealing lessons with useful cultural tidbits.


Many other language courses available today are bulky and don't supply the language you need for your temporary travels. The conciseness of the Traveler Edition gives you the essential vocabulary and language skills you need to make your time in China that much more manageable and enjoyable. You'll be able to understand most situations with the 20 most commonly used words available in MP3/4 format.

With the ActiveChinese Traveler Edition, you are sure to grasp the mysteries of the Far East while creating unforgettable memories. Take a look at our Traveler Edition by clicking on the icon on the right.

     Traveler Edition
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