You may be a teacher at a community college who has been using the same material for the length of your tenure or you have just started teaching and are looking for a suitable curriculum. You've been using the same textbook in use at the college level for several years but you are unsatisfied with the outdated methodology and lack of technology. Furthermore, you are spending increasing amounts of time to make the material more interesting and the grammar easier to explain to your students. You've heard about various multimedia programs and are intrigued at the prospect of using a technology-centered curriculum. However, you are worried about switching materials and designing a new course.

Switching to a multimedia-based curriculum is not nearly as daunting as it seems. With a teacher support platform and structured methodology, the ActiveChinese program is unlike other teaching materials in its ability to allow teachers to deliver engaging and enjoyable lessons for students without spending a lot of time preparing. Here's how we will support you and your students:

Designing Syllabi and Course Objectives: ActiveChinese's VIP Services

ActiveChinese goes above and beyond other content providers by providing you with the assistance you need when switching to the ActiveChinese curriculum. We have syllabi already developed by college teachers that have been using ActiveChinese in their program and a dedicated teaching staff in Shanghai that will support you in developing a course syllabi and objectives.

Being There for Teachers: ActiveChinese's Teacher Support Tools

We know how important it is for teachers to have the time to be creative in their delivery of material. Unlike other programs which will have you spending hours preparing supplementary materials and examples, ActiveChinese gives you the tools you need to teach your lessons in an engaging and enjoyable approach. We provide a structured curriculum, including PowerPoint presentations for each lesson's dialog and language points, a Pinyin Teaching Guide, written tests, and much more to allow you to save time so that you can be more creative in your delivery of material.

Motivating from Day One: ActiveChinese's Student Centered Methodology

Our program stands out from most Chinese teaching materials through our emphasis on student centered learning and a program that is tailor made for students from English speaking backgrounds. ActiveChinese focuses on motivating student interest from day one through multisensory multimedia that appeals to all types of learners. Our multimedia online platform provides a 24/7 learning environment accessible from both the school and home for students to review material covered in class and prepare for future lessons.

The School Edition provides a complete offering for a university level Chinese language program. ActiveChinese is here to support you and in both implementing and delivering the most revolutionary curriculum available today. Start exploring the School Edition today by clicking on the icon to the right.

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