As a parent, you recognize that with globalization and international competition, it's ever more important for your kids to learn a foreign language. You've also noticed that the Chinese language would be a great enhancement for university applications and is an increasingly sought after skill in the job market. The school district where your kids are enrolled has been a little slow in starting a Chinese program and thus you would like to find appropriate materials for your kids to study the language as an extracurricular subject. You might even want to find a learning program that you could share with other parents and potentially use to start an after-school program.

At ActiveChinese, we share your commitment to your child's education and our extensive offering for the primary and secondary levels will ensure that your kids will have the motivation and language skills to carry with them into university study and their future careers. Unlike other language programs, ActiveChinese is able to uniquely balance tangible results with a motivating learning environment. Here's how we do it:

Motivating from Day One: ActiveChinese's Student Centered Methodology

Our program stands out from most Chinese teaching materials through our emphasis on student centered learning and a program that is tailor made for students from English speaking backgrounds. ActiveChinese focuses on motivating student interest from day one through multisensory multimedia that will appeal to your kids and keep their curiosity and interest peeked.

Learning with Your Kids: ActiveChinese's Methodology

As you guide your kids in learning this challenging yet rewarding language, you may be concerned that not speaking Chinese yourself will hinder that process. We developed our methodology around the notion that anyone, both parents and children, can learn this language and have fun while doing so. We're confident that you will discover learning alongside your kids carries the added benefit of bringing you closer together.

Achieving Results: ActiveChinese's Diverse Offering and Tutoring Services

At ActiveChinese, we know you are ultimately concerned with achieving tangible learning results for your kids. With ActiveChinese's diverse offering of multimedia programs for the K-12 range backed up with textbooks and workbooks, we are confident that we can provide the all-encompassing curriculum that is essential to accomplish proficiency in a foreign language. What's more, we have a dedicated staff of professional teachers in Shanghai that are trained and certified to teach kids from an English-speaking background. Our integrated tutoring feature is a cost-effective way for your kids to interact with a native speaker at the fraction of the cost of a tutor in the US.

We invite you to review our Kids (K-8) and School (9-12) Editions and we are looking forward to the privilege of contributing to your child's education.

     Primary & Middle (K-8): Kids Edition
     College & High School (9-16): School Edition
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