Adopting kids from China is an extremely rewarding experience. Being a member of FCC, you recognize part of that experience is keeping your children in touch with their heritage and that being able to speak their native language is the key that unlocks that possibility. Perhaps you approach language study as a joint activity to bring you closer together with your kids and have found weekend language classes lacking in this respect. Equally, perhaps you have your sights set on the academic and career value studying a critical foreign language will have for your children.

Whatever your goals, ActiveChinese is here to support you every step of the way and our program will meet the needs of both you and your children through the following:

Keeping Your Kids Motivated

Our program stands out from most Chinese teaching materials through our emphasis on student centered learning. ActiveChinese focuses on motivating student interest from day one through multisensory multimedia that will appeal to your kids and keep their curiosity and interest peeked.

Academic and Professional Relevance

The ActiveChinese program is designed to meet American and internationally recognized foreign language standards. ActiveChinese School Edition and Kids Edition were designed according to ACTFL's "5 Cs" for foreign language acquisition. Furthermore, the School Edition 100 and 200 Series prepares your kids for the AP examination test, the IB initio, and SATII subject test.
Aside from the academic benefits, ability in Mandarin Chinese is also an increasingly valued skill by employers. ActiveChinese provides your children with a competitive advantage in today's ever increasingly competitive job market.

Getting in Touch with Culture and Customs

ActiveChinese not only covers all skill areas relevant to mastering a language, but also delves into Chinese culture and customs with a depth not seen in other language programs. We understand that as an FCC parent, part of your commitment is keeping your kids in touch with their heritage and ActiveChinese has set out to accomplish this goal through our extensive library of cultural facts and tidbits.

Regardless of which proficiency or age level your child is at, we have a diverse offering that will surely meet their needs. Feel free to review our Kids (K-8) and School (9-12) Editions for a first hand look at our revolutionary curriculum and we are looking forward to the privilege of contributing to your child's education.

     Primary & Middle (K-8): Kids Edition
     College & High School (9-16): School Edition
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