Learn Chinese Anywhere Using Our Innovative Methods
Personal Tutoring Anytime From Shanghai
Learn Chinese Anywhere Using Our Innovative Methods
Flash-animated lessons, language and culture point tutorials, drills, and self-assessments.

The Pinyin Section is followed by the Lesson Section where you will see situational dialogues based on daily themes between two or three characters. Each dialogue has three modes. The first mode is at normal conversational speed without English translation or Pinyin in order to cultivate your listening capability in a real life situation. The second mode is a slow-pace mode with English explanation by the virtual tutor - word by word, and sentence by sentence - so that you will grasp the meanings and new words in the dialogue.

The last mode of the dialogue is an interactive mouse-over mode, where you can listen and record your own pronunciation and compare with the standard recording. You also have the option of turning the Pinyin or English translation (English subtitles) on or off.

After the dialogue, you will see the language points where the virtual tutor will explain the cultural and language points relating to the dialogue. You will be surprised to see that the Chinese language is easier than English in many aspects. In addition, from the tutorial you will also learn many interesting facts about Chinese culture.
An eBook which includes lesson dialogue transcripts, drills and character writing exercises.
MP3 and MP4 downloads. Put these exercises and dialogues on your portable device and practice anytime you want.

In sum, these innovative methods provide a 24/7 visual and audio learning tool for 21st century Chinese learners, and learning Chinese is thus much easier than ever before.

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Personal Tutoring Anytime From Shanghai
At ActiveChinese, we want to make your language learning experience as rewarding as possible. We want to ensure that we provide you with the personalized service to accommodate your schedule and meet your expectations.

The benefits of ActiveChinese's integrated tutoring include:
professional one-on-one instruction from certified English speaking professionals with extensive experience teaching foreigners in business-related fields
guided tutoring through each lesson's pronunciation, language points, sentence patterns, and vocabulary
* unique opportunity to practice your spoken Chinese with a native speaker
* flexibility with connection options, including VOIP, landline, and mobile phone


During the first lesson, the instructor will:

* get to know you and your goals and expectations for learning Chinese
* assess your language ability
* set up a timetable for completing your package that accommodates your schedule

It's as easy as that. Happy learning!
Gain Insight into Chinese Culture, Sensitivities, and Business Practices
All of our lessons are filled with situations that business oriented person would experience in China.
With our program, you can:
expand your vocabulary to include hundreds of useful business words and expressions
be proficient in communicating in a business environment while in the workplace and in meetings
* learn how to function in several business situations, such as a work banquet and a price negotiation, through an understanding of Chinese business customs and etiquette
* our Culture Shockers also give insightful cultural differences in order to help you express yourself appropriately and avoid embarrassment
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