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School Edition

"Colorful graphics, entertaining storyline and a variety of exercises that address speaking, listening, reading and writing, all within a cultural context, keep us active. It's an exciting way to learn a difficult language!" Students from Joel Barlow High School, Connecticut, USA

"My search is over for an effective and innovative program to bring into the Chinese language classroom." Wei Geiger, Senior Chinese Lecturer, Bellevue College, Bellevue, Washington

"The School Edition is an excellent teaching tool to use in the classroom and hits the mark when it comes to appealing to a student's different learning styles." Susan Zhang Yuehua, Chinese Program Coordinator, Shanghai American School, Shanghai, China

"My students are loving the program! They got really excited when we went over the features and what they could do online." Wei-Ying Lin, Chinese Teacher, Thacher School, Ojai, California

"I just wanted to take a few minutes to say how wonderful I think your Chinese class is.  I am truly learning a lot.  The students asked me yesterday did I have any Chinese experience prior to this class, and of course, I stated no.  I told them I am learning with them.  They thought that was pretty cool.  I actually spent about an hour yesterday navigating around the Active Chinese site and found it to be very useful.  I did share this information with the students as well.  My family is quite impressed with some of the words I have shared with them that I have learned from your class." Alisha Ryan giving feedback to Caryn Louie re: her distance learning class using ActiveChinese School Edition, North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

"ActiveChinese's School Edition is exactly what I'm looking for in a Chinese language program. The online lessons provide great visuals and the on-the-go resources allow me to fit studying time into my busy schedule." Daniel Siekman, Maine, USA

"It's flexible, practical, fun, accessible to Westerners and it doesn't have two-hour lectures about obscure grammar points. Active Chinese's lessons are more interactive and give students pronunciation and vocabulary drills that I have found very useful."Matt Siegal, Shanghai, China
Kid's Edition

"Students nowadays are very tech savvy and like to play computer games. With a product like the ActiveChinese Kids Edition, students will have a greater interest in learning the language." Lanying McQueen, Chinese Program Director, Concordia International School, Shanghai, China

"The ActiveChinese Kids Edition is especially useful for those students who find the language challenging. With an attractive interface, it helps reinforce Chinese in a fun and enjoyable way and therefore really appeals to students." Dawn Hull, Asian Languages Coordinator, United World College of Southeast Asia, Singapore

"Your Chinese online program is so far the best I've ever seen. The animation and storyline are terrific. I'm sure the young learners at my school will get fascinated at the first glance.  The topics covered match well with the core textbook we use the coming school year." Janny Wong, Chinese Program Coordinator, Folk Arts Cultural Treasures School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Just to let you know that your program is awesome! I'm a language teacher and I've seen many language learning programs on the market, but yours is top-class!" Wendy Sexton, Chinese Language Teacher, Singapore

"For a very long time, I tried to find an interesting Chinese learning program for the boys. But honestly speaking, there is nothing out there. Most software is pretty boring. Your program is the only one the boys (they are 8 and 10 years old) are willing to go back and play the demo lesson a couple of times until they urged me to order the CD. It is very helpful for a parent to find a program that can stimulate the kids' interest to learn Chinese. " Karlai Thornburg, Iowa, USA

"Active Chinese-Kid's Edition was an amazing program. We loved how the games were so fun and how they helped us practice what we learned. Also, the lessons were very clear. " Richard and Charlotte, 8 and 11 years old, California, USA
Professional Edition

"I particularly like the interactive and integrated approach you use.  It allows the student to actively learn the material in some depth because of the repeated use of that material in the multiple learning/teaching modes you use.  The program reinforces learning via the different senses and faculties - sight, hearing, speaking, writing.  As I write this to you I realize what an extraordinary environment you have created.  Wow.  Whoever had this idea and whoever put it into action deserves a great compliment. " Martin Kriegel, USA

"I am originally from Hong Kong and speak Cantonese. I lived in the United States for over 34 years. Before the end of September last year, I did not speak Mandarin at all. I had tried several times to learn but did not succeed because I was too shy to even try to speak. I did not know Pinyin. Last year, in September, knowing that I might have to transfer to China from the United States in 2008, I started looking for a good Mandarin tutorial school on the internet. I found a few of them and I selected ActiveChinese after my research.

I started my first Mandarin lesson with ActiveChinese on September 25, 2007 and arrived in China on January 18, 2008 to start new my assignment. I've been using my spoken Mandarin and written Chinese using Pinyin at work since my arrival at China. I am currently still taking lessons from ActiveChinese to further improve my Mandarin.

I highly recommend ActiveChinese to anyone in the world who is interested in learning Mandarin at any level from beginner to advanced level learner. Due to the professionalism and passions that my tutors have had, I was inspired to learn and am inspired to continue to improve. I have been able to speak Mandarin and to use Pinyin at work after 3 months' lessons. The class schedules are very flexible and the studying materials are specially designed to meet my needs.

I greatly appreciate my learning experience with my tutors Ms. Li (李老师) and Ms. Zhu (朱老师).  Without their patience and professional tutoring, I wouldn't be able to speak Mandarin and write Chinese at my current level. I remember when I was taking my first lesson on September 25, 2007, I had a hard time pronouncing each Chinese character one word at a time (e.g. 市shi4 区qu1 切 qie1). Never learning Pinyin before made it even harder for me to pronounce the words correctly. But now, I am able to do presentations in front of hundreds of people using Mandarin and can write my emails in Chinese using Pinyin! It's amazing!

Again thanks to Ms. Li and Ms. Zhu and ActiveChinese!" Sandra Ngo, San Francisco, USA

"I find your course very well structured. I am going back over the lessons several times because it is all new to me and slowly the structure and logic is emerging as I use the course. I particularly find the 'Language & Culture' Lessons to be very useful." Graeme Mills, Australia

"Learning with Activechinese is just too great! The online lessons are colorful, fun and interesting and I'm always curious to know what happens next in the unfolding story. Even better than that, I'm always looking forward to the lessons with their charming teachers. Thank you so much for helping me discover this beautiful language and making it my favorite hobbie" Aires Marques, Germany
Traveler Edition
"Your method is the best and most effective way I have found to learn a language." Juan Ramonco Palanca Gomez, Spain
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