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Special Feafured School:
Joel Barlow High School, Connecticut, USA

"Colorful graphics, an entertaining storyline and a variety of exercises that address speaking, listening, reading and writing-all within a cultural context-keep us active. It's an exciting way to learn a difficult language!" Sandra Van Ausdal, Head of Foreign Language Department

Starting in the fall of 2007, Joel Barlow High School has begun using ActiveChinese's courseware as the centerpiece of a unique endeavor: an independent study course featuring both the teacher and students learning Mandarin alongside each other. Sandra VanAusdal, an experienced teacher in the high school's foreign language department, took an innovative approach in meeting the soaring demand of Mandarin language instruction in American schools. Every day, both she and her students enter an interactive virtual classroom and study ActiveChinese's flash animated lessons. They are also able to utilize the program's innovative on-the-go resources, including mp3 and mp4 downloads. From the flash animated curriculum to the multimedia resources on ActiveChinese's website, Mrs. Van Ausdal can motivate her students to study a seemingly difficult language and have fun in the process.

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