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Special Feafured School:
Shanghai American School, Shanghai, China

"The School Edition is an excellent teaching tool to use in the classroom and hits the mark when it comes to appealing to a student's different learning styles." Susan Zhang Yuehua, Chinese Program Coordinator

Shanghai American International School is currently using both the ActiveChinese School Edition and the ActiveChinese Kid's Edition in its K-12 Mandarin program. As the prestigious international school has sought to enhance its multimedia curriculum, ActiveChinese's innovative programs were recently introduced and have proven to be a huge success among students as well as teachers. While the students are increasingly engaged by the visually appealing nature of the flash-animated lessons, the teachers are allowed more time to focus on individual student needs. As students are working on the multimedia dialogues, the teacher has the opportunity to really address their pronunciation and speaking skills. ActiveChinese is excited to continue its partnership with the Shanghai American School to ensure that their multimedia platform for teaching Chinese is at the forefront of interactive learning materials.

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