The ActiveChinese program is designed to accommodate any number of students from individual schools to entire districts to universities and community colleges. The delivery formats for the program are set up with ease of implementation for the schools in mind. Our licensing solutions cover all types of technology environments and each licensing proposal is tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of your school. Please see below for our licensing options:

Best Value: Online Site License

Our online site license allows students and teachers to take full advantage of the versatility of our multimedia platform. An online site license gives each and every student a personalized account that is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students may access the program anywhere with an internet connection, truly giving them the flexibility to review lesson contents and utilize our wide range of multimedia resources. In addition, teachers are equipped with a customized teacher's account, allowing them to add and edit student accounts within the limit of the site license, manage students according to class names, and track student usage and progress throughout the program. Our online edition also includes ActiveChinese's teacher support tools for in-class instruction. An online site license is our most widely-used delivery model and truly provides flexibility and convenience for teachers and unlimited learning possibilities for students.

CD-ROM for Installation on Single Consoles or a Network

CD-ROM solutions can be installed on stand-alone desktop or laptop PCs in a computer lab, on a computer lab network for access from a learning lab, or on a school or district-wide network. CD-Rom solutions allow teachers and students to use most of the resources of the online edition but teachers will be unable to utilize the student management and tracking capabilities of the online edition. We generally recommend CD-Rom solutions for schools that do not have an internet connection or their connection is unstable.

Textbooks: Available with Both Online and CD-Rom Solutions

In addition to the multimedia program, ActiveChinese also equips students and teachers with a printed textbook. The textbook includes the dialog of each lesson in characters and Pinyin, an English translation, language and culture points, a vocabulary list for each lesson, and finally workbook exercises reinforcing language learned. As we tailor-make a unique licensing solution for your school or district, textbooks may be included as an additional component to our comprehensive multimedia curriculum.

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